Preachers’ Trainer Business & Ministry Network (PTBMN)  is an  organization commited to creating a culture for business and ministry synergy where business has a soul and ministry has a brain. The mission of our network is simple. “We impact the one, who impacts many”.  We do this in four ways.

1) We host life altering events.

Workshops, seminars, lunch & learns, mastermind groups, retreats, conferences webinars, and phone conferences are events designed to produce life-altering experiences and impact your ability to make quality decisions about your life, ministry or business.

2) We create high impact resources.

Events empower you to make quality decisions, but resources enable you to go through a process designed to produce permanent change. Our mobile friendly resources include, audio, video, eNewsletter, ePamphlets, eBooks, online courses (both archive and live stream) on a variety of subjects, i.e., personal, spiritual, business, relationships and the like. All of these resources can be accessed through the Preachers Trainer Mobile App privately with your own private username and password membership account.

3) We build Kingdom-Focused Communities.

Everything we do should advance the Kingdom of the Living God, therefore it is our commitment to partner and collaborate with a community whose goal is to do just that. This includes but is not limited to churches, ministry networks, non-profit organizations, and businesses committed to marketplace ministry. We build these communities by adding value to the leaders and core teams of these communities. The PTBMN has a keen ability to SEE where a community can improve and determine what system, resources, technology or the development of human capital is needed to enhance such communities.

4) We provide training, coaching and mentoring.


We use events and resources to impart knowledge and experience both live and online.  Our training is high-level content, rich and relevant to the demographics connected to our network. Whether you are a preacher, business leader, or a person committed to growth and development, you will leave our training sessions with a deep satisfaction that something significant has just taken place and the impact will never cease to grow inside of you. You will never be the same!


Mentoring is about sharing proven principles and strategies from leaders who have “been there and done that”. Having a tour guide through life, ministry or business, shortens the learning curve and compounds the growth cycle, this is what our mentoring system will provide for you!


Mentoring is a wonderful way to grow and develop, but nothing can be compared to professional coaching. The PTBMN professional coaches are certified in their craft and committed to helping you discover the potential deep inside of you, unlock that potential and assist you in focusing on your passion, tweaking your gifting’s and assist you in moving forward in your God given purpose at an accelerated pace. We coach in all areas of the human experience, including, spiritual, personal, marriage, business or ministry. Once you have a coach you will wonder why you did not do this sooner!


As you can see the PTBMN offers a wealthy opportunity for advancement in your life, ministry or business. Our commitment is to provide these services at an affordable price to our members. From a financial prospective, any one of these services or benefits may seem to be out of reach to the average person.  It is for this reason that we provide an opportunity for you to engage with our network on various levels to fit your budget.  The higher your level of membership the more access you have to our growth opportunities.

Below are the monthly membership levels and benefits for each level of engagement.