Dr. John Posey



John brings a diverse mix of Ministry, Business and Leadership Diversity. His experiences spans over 38 years of the development of human capital in multiple disciplines in  social, ethnic,  technical and educational environments.  John has a unique blend of skill sets enabling him to relate to multiple social groups. It is this diverse experience that provides the framework to build a multi-professional, Interdenominational, Multicultural, Male and female, International Business and Ministry Network.

John Posey has a unique gift; this gift is the ability to impact “the one” who impacts the many.  Whether a pastor, a marketplace minister (CEO), community leader ,a father or mother,  all of us have a God-given purpose to make a difference in this world.  Dr. Posey’s life’s mission is to help you make that difference. If it were boxing John is not Mohammed Ali, but Angelo Dundee, if you are into the movie like the Matrix, John is not Neo, but Morpheus. John is not the guy who stands in the stage light, but John is the person who supports and strengthens and maximizes the potential of “the one” who is on the stage.


John started martial arts at age ten. He first began his leadership and coaching as an assistant instructor teaching adults and children. John earned his first degree black belt at age sixteen; he became the youngest black belt in his martial arts association.

Doing that same time in his early teens, John accepted his call into ministry; He began to train in the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He was ordained as an ordained minister at age nineteen.  He continue to develop people and individuals both young and old in the disciplines of the Christian faith,

John went on to the University of Cincinnati where he received a degree in Electrical Engineering, John worked in the computer field and a Field Service Technician where is managed several accounts, and develop his skills in customer relationships and customer service. One specific assignment was in few weeks in Singapore where he managed a two million dollar account and provided training and instruction in computer maintenance. John was required to develop a computer course and instruction of group of technicians on who to maintain their computer systems.

John continue to grow in his ministry where he continue his ministry education in Tulsa Ok, and later worked his way up in an international ministry and was hired on staff as assistant pastor and director of evangelism. His responsibilities were mentoring leaders and overseeing forty ministries. His ministry responsibilities also included family and marital counseling.  John continued to gain his experience in working with an international arm of that ministry where he served over 1500 license and ordain ministers and over two hundred churches.  This team which John was a part of providing training, mentoring and coaching for pastors, traveling ministers and churches nationally and internationally. It was in this capacity where John continued to develop his skills in leadership, conflict resolution, problem solving, communications and a host of other skill sets.

In 1989 John moved his family from Tulsa Oklahoma to Atlanta GA, where he founded Zoe Christian fellowship, (Now Zoe City Church) as pastor of this church John focused on the development and training of individuals of leaders of marriages and cultivated his unique ability to maximize personal potential spiritual personal and business life. Today Zoe City Church has developed service business and community leaders, providing many outreach programs including the Joseph Network, a nonprofit organization comprised of churches, community, and business organizations working together in a time of disaster. Rev. Rhea T. Posey (John’s oldest daughter) is the visionary and executive director of the Joseph Network.  The Joseph Network is designed to prepare churches to serve in a contingency capacity and provide continuity to local families during a natural disaster. Zoe City Church recently held a summit where the Atlanta Metropolitan Chapter of the American Red Cross partnered with the Joseph’s Network to organize a planning committee of leaders from different faith-based congregations.  The summit focused on preparing congregational leaders and members to create a safe haven within the first 72 hours of a local disaster. According to the Red Cross, it was the most successful event in collaborative efforts of the faith based community ever achieved.  National Leaders including Bishop Paul Morton of Full Gospel Baptist Convention, the Nation of Islam, The United Chaplain’s International Ministry, Catholic Charities, The Korean American Association of Greater Atlanta, Concerned Black Clergy, Atlanta Mayor’s Office, GA Insurance Commissioner, Straight Talk Life Skills Education & Counseling, The FISH Radio Station, Office of Emergency Preparedness & Response, GA Department of Public Health, Clayton County Board of Health, Radio One Atlanta, City Council – Kwanza Hall, Kellogg’s, and The Interdenominational Theological Center.


From 2004 to 2007 John was appointed to serve on the president’s cabinet of Mark T Barclay Ministries International and The Righteous Preaches Network. John’s assignment was to provide leadership and support to Pastors across the United States.

In January 2012 John turned over the Church he founded to his oldest daughter Rev. Rhea Posey and the elders of Zoe City Church. He now provides council, leadership,  mentoring and support to the ministry as it moves forward.

John and Sandra travel fulltime across the country providing leadership and mentoring to local churches.

In 2007 John founded Ministry Education and Development Systems M.E.D.S. School of Ministry. This accredited schools mission is to develop and training ministry leaders in foundation doctrinal principle of the bible and preparation for ministry in the 21st Century.  With over 6 years of online video content, MEDS is providing training and develop to students across the country. M.E.D.S. is managed and operated by individuals trained under his leadership tutelage.

John also Founded MENS BOOTCAMP (MBC3) because of the need to developed a culture of leadership in the black community.  MBC3 provides training and support to small and medium churches, offering a turnkey solution to the problem of lack of men in the black church.

Last of all John is a certified streaming media and mobile marketing specialist and provides leadership and support national wide for comF5 LLC. A mobile App and E-marketing company.  John has worked with comF5 for seven years and is the recognized leadership consultant across the comF5 network.

Business Associations

John Posey served as  Chairmen of Community Affairs with the Marietta Business Association, , a member of the Leadership Cobb Alumni Association and a Graduate of Leadership Cobb 2006. John is also a member of The Commerce Club of AtlantaThe Club Corp also  past members of the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce,  The Vinings Business Association  and Club E College Park GA. John understands that the key to success in business is your ability to build strategic alliances and collaborations with individuals who are wealthy in “social capital”.

Ministry Associations and Education



John is a certified trainer, coach and speaker of The John Maxwell Team. He is also a member in good standing with the Righteous Preachers Network, 7000 More Covenant Churches and Ministries, RHEMA Ministerial Association International and is also a leading minister in Church Builders International. John has an associate in Electrical Engineering, a Bachelor in Pastor Theology and a Master’s in Pastoral Theology. A Doctorate in Pastoral Theology. He has taken numerous courses, classes and workshops earning certificates and certifications ranging from business management and leadership to life coaching and streaming media consulting. John believes the key to fulfilling your dreams is to grow into them. Lastly, John holds a fifth-degree black belt (master level) in Moo Duk Kwan, Tang Soo Do Martial Arts with the National Black Belt Karate Association

Family Life

John and Sandra (wife of 33 years) are the proud parents of three daughters: Rhea, Tasha and Alexus, one son “in love”, Deonte Saunders (married to Alexus) and VERY proud grandparents of Zoe Alexandria Saunders.

John and Sandra travel full-time across the country, providing leadership and mentoring to local churches. As founders of Marriage Equity Systems, they flourish in this marriage coaching and mentoring program designed to educate engaged and married couples in the foundational principles of successful marriage architecture.